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Alcohol addiction is a condition that can be heartbreaking not only for one experiencing it, but also for the supporting family. WisHope Recovery understands that guests go through difficult and challenging times in their journey to recovery. This is why we are able to offer the right kind of encouraging support, a holistic experience, and a range of alcoholism treatment options to aid patients at our WisHope Recovery Center.

A hands-on approach is taken with our patients in exploring alcoholism treatment. We are aware that there is no single treatment option suitable for everyone, and our experience has allowed us to provide diverse treatment options for alcoholism and blend a number of outpatient services alongside supportive social and community-based platforms. This will ensure the transformation process engages the entire human being as opposed to targeting just particular components of the psyche.


Familial ties are important for the progress of alcohol addicts, and there are many instances in a patient’s life where family has influenced the decision making process – for better or for worse. WisHope Recovery will look into such behavioral patterns which occur within the confines of familial relationships. Old cycles of destructive patterns may be explored and deconstructed, as the patient and his/her family members embark on a whole new journey to creating positive, healing beliefs and values.


Milwaukee, WI addiction treatment center

The idea of individual therapy comes into play when a patient has a trained therapist to walk alongside him/her. All interaction will happen in a safe and caring environment, and we cannot highlight the importance of maintaining a high degree of trust and confidentiality in such a setting. This will provide the opportunity for the patient to open up, allowing the trained therapist to enter into the patient’s world. From there, we are able to work out the different feelings experienced, belief systems, or behavioral patterns, exploring the negative effects of certain challenging or influential memories. It will allow us to better identify the different aspects of our patients’ lives, guiding them on a path that will let them understand themselves better, and in the process, the struggles they face with alcoholism. This is where the various alcoholism treatment options are most valuable to our patients. The individual journeys towards change will aid in setting positive personal goals, resulting in a sense of achievement and determination that will hold and inspire them in good stead down the road. 


Having a group of people to journey alongside our patients can be a strong catalyst in any patient who is journeying along the recovery process. An understanding group plays an important role in supporting one’s weak moments, doubling up as a sounding board. Having an accountability partner can be a source of strength when patients waver, while ideas that bounce back and forth will help each other face a challenging or difficult situation head on with confidence.


WisHope Recovery’s style is distinct in assisting patients in their re-integration with their communities once their journey to recovery is stable. The explorations in alcoholism treatments ensure that each patient is given the proper care needed. Such a seamless transition is not limited to a specific time period as everyone goes through a different process. The whole treatment, coupled with the integration of clinical therapies and involvement from various stakeholders will open up new opportunities and paths in the future.