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My relationship with alcohol has always been a bit tumultuous. I can admit that I had some fun in my early days. The appeal, for me, was suddenly feeling confident and pretty, laughing a little harder with friends and finally feeling like I fit in;...

Charlie Schrauth is one of our lead clinical providers here at WisHope Recovery & Housing. He was born to a small farming community in Wisconsin on September 19th, 1953. Recently celebrating his birthday, he remembers his long journey of addiction and his recovery. As he began...

It wasn’t too long ago when addiction wasn’t taken seriously, even within the scientific community. For years, the inability to control one’s habits were reduced to nothing more than a lack of willpower. Now, more research is being conducted that leave scientists and doctors alike...

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for the opioid epidemic. “The opioid problem has yet to peak as overdose deaths remain at all-time highs and the number of addicts needing treatment continues to grow,” said Peter Brunzelle, director of WisHope Recovery Center,...

Cocaine is one of the most dangerous and addictive substances on the planet. That usually a result of the powerful kick that happens the very first time you use it. The high comes on quickly, especially if it’s injected into the bloodstream. Outside of the strong...