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Seeking Treatment for My Loved One

Holistic Addiction Treatment Solutions for Your Loved One in Milwaukee and Waukesha, Wisconsin

Chances are you have come to this page because you have a loved one who is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.  You love them so much, but the burden and concern over their health, coupled with the disturbing behaviors that can come with substance misuse, are beginning to take their toll.  No worries; if you are feeling helpless and hostage to your loved one’s addiction, you have come to the right place. 

At WisHope Recovery Center,  we pride ourselves on helping family members, friends and allies find the answers, resources and treatment solutions they need to begin the healing process for all parties involved.  All you have to do to receive the support and direction you are looking for today is to  complete our confidential, online assessment form or give us a call at 262-701-7257 or email us at hello@wishoperecovery.com 

We are Dedicated to Helping Families Heal

To help you find peace of mind and know how to best support your loved one, we offer a family therapy program.  This program is critical to your healing and your loved ones healing as it can help you address the family system as a whole, including the roles that the disease of addiction and any co-occurring mental health disorders have played and what those roles mean. This understanding can help you gain valuable insight in order to develop new roles and pave new pathways so you can create a healthier you and a better functioning family unit.

We are Committed to Helping Your Loved One Find and Maintain Long-term Recovery

WisHope Recovery Center is a State Licensed, Joint Commission Accredited and Legit Script Certified Premier Addiction Treatment Center in Wisconsin. We have licensed clinicians in both substance abuse and mental health who specialize in offering holistic, evidence-based and individualized treatment services. This means we are fully qualified to help your loved one find and maintain long-term recovery and we do this through:

holistic treatment solutions

Our holistic treatment solutions offer therapeutic approaches that target all aspects of your health — your body, your mind and your spirit. Our programs integrate natural methods to treat your drug or alcohol addiction.


Our treatment programs are evidence-based and fully aligned with SAMHSA’s (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Registry of Evidence-based Treatment Programs and Practices.

plans are customized and individualized

Our treatment plans are customized and individualized, which means their path to recovery may look different from others they are in treatment with. This approach ensures your loved one receives the specific support they need for their recovery. We do this to expand the boundaries of traditional treatment services and address the needs of the whole person. 

Our Therapeutic Addiction Treatment Programs

WisHope Recovery Center’s therapeutic treatment programs are provided by our well-rounded staff and focus on creating a semantic and sensory experience in order to heal the whole person. For peace of mind, it’s helpful to know that we specialize in a variety of treatment approaches and modalities, including:

We Have Loved Ones in Recovery Just Like You

Will others judge me for my loved one’s addiction problem?

The reason why we are so passionate about helping your loved one find peace of mind and healing through our addiction treatment center is that many of us are in recovery or we have loved ones who are in recovery just like you. We have been there and so we understand what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, alone and afraid. And we know all the questions that you are most likely asking yourself:

How do I go about finding out what treatment services are covered under my loved one’s insurance policy?

What is the best treatment approach for my loved one?

How do I support my loved one while also creating boundaries for my overall health and well-being?

How do I know if I’m enabling my loved one’s addiction problem?

How do I improve our co-dependent relationship?

You probably have a ton more questions.

If so, please ask them!  Helping family members, friends and allies to support themselves and their loved ones is one of our specialties, and we love nothing more than having an opportunity to help our Wisconsin community members to restore their hope and health.  Even if you don’t feel that WisHope Recovery Center is the right place for you and your loved one, still contact us. We can help guide you through the process and find a place that will work best for you. We look forward to supporting you!

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