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Crystal meth is short for crystal methamphetamine, and this stimulant has already reached epidemic proportions in many places. After all, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime roughly estimated the world has hit a whopping 500 metric tons annually in terms of amphetamine-type stimulant production, resulting in 24.7 million abusers globally. To get a better grasp of the situation a little closer to home, the U.S. government has reported back in 2008 that around 13 million people who are aged 12 or older have tried out methamphetamine before, with 529,000 of those being regular users. It remains to be seen whether the latest information would have seen a decline in abuser figures, or would it have maintained an upward path.

It is a drug widely abused in the Czech Republic, where crystal meth goes by the moniker Pervitin. Over there, tiny and secluded secret laboratories would complement a far lower number of larger laboratories to produce crystal meth. While the majority of the crystal meth produced is meant for domestic consumption, there is also a small amount which is exported to various territories in Europe and all the way to Canada. Apart from the Czech Republic, the likes of Sweden, Finland, Slovakia and Latvia have also reported that amphetamine as well as meth addiction to make up anywhere from 20 percent all the way to 60 percent of people who seek out drug abuse treatment at meth rehab centers.

Moving to Southeast Asia, meth addiction is also no laughing matter, where it is normally found in the form of a tiny pill. In Thailand, the people in the Land of Smiles tend to refer to it as ‘Yaba’, while over in the Philippines and Malaysia, it is commonly called ‘shabu’ or ‘syabu’. This just goes to show how widespread the crystal meth addiction epidemic can be, and it does not discriminate against the abuser’s social-economic background.

Meth side effects can be particularly crippling to the abuser, even more so after many years of usage. Since crystal meth can dissolve in water or alcohol easily, far higher levels of meth will make its way to the abuser’s brain, which is what makes it so potent. From there, it remains longer in the body, having more serious negative effects on the body’s central nervous system.

Several notable physical side effects include tooth decay without having to gorge on large amounts of sugar while having poor dental hygiene practices – meth practically does a brutal number on the abuser’s teeth. As the body experiences an upsurge in dangerous chemicals from meth intake, hair loss is another common side effect. The ladies might want to avoid meth at all costs if they would like to maintain their crowning glory.

The central nervous system is not spared either, with symptoms of psychosis such as paranoia, hallucinations, repetitive motor activity, memory loss, sudden and violent behavior or aggressive action without being provoked, depression, and having mood swings are surefire signs that someone is heavily addicted to meth.

WisHope Recovery is a tranquil place of peace and quiet, where those who acknowledge that they are struggling with crystal meth addiction issues are more than welcome to give its meth rehab program a try. We do know that concerned family members and friends would like to see the abuser return to a normal life and ditch dependency on the drug after the telltale signs of drug addiction start to show.

Our experience in offering treatment for crystal meth addiction places us in good stead to ensure that we are able to walk side by side with our patients as they go through this particularly challenging and painful moment in their lives.