As one of the leading Waukesha Outpatient Centers, we often find ourselves torn between sympathizing with the predicament of our patients, and the professional duty that we have towards helping them. Most of the people we see are often desperate to change and live clean lives devoid of any substance use or abuse. Yet, few are aware of just how addictive heroin is. This is reason that few seek treatment for heroin addiction.

That’s why one of our core founding principles at WisHope Recovery entails educating and making our patients understand how heroin addiction treatment works. We have always believed that genuine, long-term recovery and rehabilitation of alcoholics and heroin users is a two-way street; it’s about us creating a perfect, substance-free environment for your recovery, but also about you resolving to kick off undesirable habits.

How serious is the Heroin Epidemic in Milwaukee and Waukesha?

According to a survey released in March, the number of heroin overdose deaths in Milwaukee has shot up by over 500% in the last decade! Between 2012 and 2015 alone, 888 souls succumbed to heroin overdoses or other related complications. Now that’s worrisome, isn’t it? As one of the top drug rehab centers in Waukesha, WisHope Recovery is well aware of this epidemic. Our recovery processes guide you through to sobriety and give you the tools to move forward.

What options are available in terms of treatment for heroin addiction?

Usually, effective treatment of heroin addiction entails both the use of medication and behavioral therapy. The major drugs used in treatment like Methadone, Buprenorphine, and Naltrexone all work on the same principle; they trick and soothe the opioid receptors that heroin stimulates. The medications are categorized as agonists, partial agonists, or antagonists. All these variations depend on the effect the drug will have on the opioid receptors; these are the same receptors that lead to the ‘high’ feeling that heroin users feel.

The second treatment option and one that we take very seriously at WisHope Recovery is the behavioral therapy. It’s not enough that an alcoholic or heroin addict is on medication; they have to be in the right environment, away from the tempting bad company and drug pushers out there. For instance, the reason we offer Wi-Fi and computer rooms in our rehab center is because we know there is the need to provide what’s referred to as contingency management. Contingency management, when combined with cognitive behavioral therapy, has been found to play a huge role in helping alcoholics and heroin users transition from dependent to non-dependent lives.

Heroin overdoses are on the rise in Milwaukee

Finding the right drug rehab facility in the Milwaukee area

The traditional image people hold of drug rehab is that they resembled a prison, often with depressing facilities. However, nowadays, that is rarely the case and recovery at WisHope is more like living in a regular home, just with the additional supports and activities needed to conquer addiction. Our Waukesha rehab facility has on site live-in managers, in-house laundry, and other basic services to make your recovery more comfortable and bearable. We also offer life coaches who train and motivate those in recovery programs. You’ll also find very helpful housemates who inspire and you each day. For more details on WisHope Recovery accommodation and coaching programs, just visit our site and fill in our application form online.